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Latest update: 2018/06/30

Name: Paolo Attivissimo (yes, that's my real surname; it means “very active” in Italian).

Occupation: IT journalist and consultant, technical translator, science writer, hoax buster.

Photos for press use: There are some at the end of this page. Don’t expect much.

Mail: paolo.attivissimo@gmail.com.

Site: Attivissimo.net.

Blog: Disinformatico.info.

Twitter: @disinformatico (primary), @AttivissimoLIVE (for livetweets).

Facebook: No, thanks, I quit in June 2013. I only have a placeholder page now.

Work phone (CH): +41(0)79.759.8264.

Micro-CV: I’m an IT writer and journalist, host of Swiss National Radio’s Il Disinformatico since 2006, author or coauthor of 18 Italian-language books on IT subjects and of the blog Disinformatico.info, consultant for Swiss National Radio and TV (RSI), Mediaset and RAI, and speaker on information technology, conspiracy theories, hoaxes and misinformation in the media. I also created the Servizio Antibufala (Antibufala.info. hoax busting service) website, used by over 9 million visitors. I write or have written articles for La Borsa della Spesa, Wired.it and Le Scienze (the Italian edition of Scientific American). As a space enthusiast, I’ve produced Moonscape, a free documentary about the first manned Moon landing using restored footage. Until April 2016 I was President of CICAP Ticino (Cicapticino.ch), an association that studies alleged paranormal phenomena and pseudoscientific claims.

I was born in York (GB) in 1963. I live in Lugano with my wife, daughters, two cats (Ciuffo, Ombra), a half-cat (Trilli, shared with the neighbours) and probably way too many computers.

Latest books: “Facebook e Twitter: manuale di autodifesa” (2013, in Italian), Moon Hoax: Debunked! (in English, 2013) and “Luna? Sì, ci siamo andati!” (in Italian, 2018).

Awards and acknowledgements: 2011 Tweet Award as “geekiest tweeter”. My blog Disinformatico.info won the Macchianera award in 2008, 2009 and 2013 for best Italian-language technology popularization blog. I also have an asteroid that bears my name, 357116 Attivissimo (2001 WH), thanks to its discoverers at the Astronomical Observatory of Cavezzo, Italy.

Work I’m particularly proud of: I’ve interviewed and acted as Italian-English interpreter for Moonwalkers Buzz Aldrin, Ed Mitchell and Charlie Duke and Apollo astronauts Al Worden and Walt Cunningham, and I’m a contributor to NASA's Apollo Lunar Surface Journal. Since 2009 I’ve been working on a free documentary, Moonscape, that shows the Apollo 11 moon landing and excursion using restored and resynchronized footage and audio (it’s now available as a free download). I have a passion for debunking pseudoscientific claims: I've also worked extensively to examine 9/11 conspiracy theories and facts for Italian-speaking readers, creating the collaborative blog Undicisettembre, contributing to books on the subject and appearing several times on Italian national TV. I’m also proud of my translation work for actors from Star Wars, Star Trek and other science fiction productions, such as Peter Mayhew, Dirk Benedict, Denise Crosby, John DeLancie, Kate Mulgrew, William Shatner, Brent Spiner, Marina Sirts, Nick Tate and many more.