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Microsoft disabiliterà l’attivazione di Windows online

Slashdot | Microsoft to Disable Online Windows Activation: "'As of February 28, Windows users who purchased their PC will no longer be able to reinstall without calling Microsoft and answering a series of questions. The move is part of an anti-piracy effort to close 'a loophole that enabled unscrupulous resellers to use Windows XP product keys that were stolen from large OEMs.' Specifically, Certificate of Authenticity (COA) labels on PCs are often unused because OEMs preinstall Windows and bypass product activation. The product keys can therefore be stolen and reused. First WGA, and now this.'"

...Actually, the activation code has been stripped out of Windows XP in the pirate community since before day 1 of its official release. Almost any type of copy protection, activation or otherwise is rapidly stripped out of software by cracking groups and released into the pirate community. This announcement is a non issue for actual pirates of XP. It has zero impact to them. It impacts the PAYING user the most by making a procedure they shouldn't have to deal with in the first place an even bigger pain in the ass.