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ZDnet: attacchi più frequenti contro sistemi non-Windows non-IE

Hackers reach beyond Windows, IE | Tech News on ZDNet: "...if you thought that IE would be a safer browser as a result of recent attention to non-IE browsers, you'd be wrong. Cole said that while there were a greater number of vulnerabilities reported in Mozilla during the last half of 2004, Symantec found that the most severe vulnerabilities still reside within Internet Explorer. Of the 13 Internet Explorer vulnerabilities rated by Symantec from June to December 2004, 9 were considered high.

...The Symantec report also predicts that crackers will become more interested in Macs during 2005, specifically mentioning sales of low-priced mini Macs. As more casual, less tech-savvy users adopt Macs, expect to hear more about vulnerabilities exposed within the Mac OS, which is based on the Unix system... Security company Secunia also saw an increase in reported Mac OS flaws during 2004."