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Quanto tempo passerà prima che un terrorista trasmetta un’esecuzione dal vivo via Internet?

CNN.com - Terrorism on the Web - Mar 30, 2005: "'Gone are the times when Islamist sites had to constantly move around. They are more stable now and easier to find, providing a reliable meeting place,' said a European defense analyst who declined to be named.

The sites are a powerful propaganda and recruiting tool for militant groups... Abu Musab al-Zarqawi's al Qaeda Organization for Holy War in Iraq says it will soon launch its permanent site with news of its operations against 'crusader' U.S. forces. That may sound like bad news for Western intelligence agencies, but one analyst said those seeking to limit the impact of the violent postings might prefer the Web sites to be stable.

'There are definite advantages from a security agency's point of view ... sites that are forced to move frequently are harder to keep track of.'

For the first time, analysts said, the sites' continuity has provided militant groups with their own media. They have become as essential to news coverage as satellite televisions and news agencies, often breaking news of attacks and beheadings in Iraq.

Even Osama bin Laden's network appears to favor posting his messages online to ensure they are not edited by Arab television under U.S. pressure to deny al Qaeda a propaganda platform.

'They don't need to go to TV stations or the Arab press. They don't need to invite a CNN journalist for an interview, like Osama bin Laden did in the 1990s. They can put messages online,' the defense analyst said.

'It's probably just a question of time before we get a live transmission of a decapitation.'"