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“Moon Hoax: Debunked!” now updated and free

I‘ve just finished updating my 2013 online book Moon Hoax: Debunked!, which provides clear, in-depth answers to the most popular misconceptions and conspiracy theories regarding the Apollo moon landings.

The past sales and donations related to this book have allowed me to revise and extend it, convert it and post its full text online for free. You can read it at Moonhoaxdebunked.com.

As the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 landing is quickly approaching and will inevitably revive all the "moon hoax" theories and theorists, I thought that it would be useful to have a debunking resource readily available to anyone. So my book is now online and anyone can read it, search its text, and use it to dispel doubts and discover (or rediscover) a fantastic adventure.

This new edition is entirely donation-supported: if you would like your name, nickname or company name to appear in the public donor list included in the book, make a donation and let me know how you want to be listed or if you prefer to stay unlisted. Or just read it, debug it, and let me what you think of it.

Ad astra!

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