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Live 8, i dati degli aspetti informatici

BBC NEWS | Technology | Net fuels Live 8 extravaganza: "Almost 27 million people texted in their support for a petition asking G8 leaders to double aid and cancel debts for the world's poorest countries.

Millions watched the event online and recordings of Sergeant Pepper were on sale an hour after being sung live.

...Many of those that went along to the various concerts on the day uploaded pictures to the Flickr online image storing system. More than 5,000 Live 8 pictures are currently available on Flickr.

...AOL said that a total of five million people dipped in during the day to watch the different Live 8 gigs via its portals. The peak number of viewers was 175,000, far more than the past record of 100,000 for the Pope's funeral.

At the peak, AOL said it was serving up more than 50 gigabits of traffic every second.

Technology also helped to get the version of Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Heart's Club Band sung by U2 and Sir Paul McCartney into online stores within an hour of it being performed. Satellite links were used to get the raw recording to Universal Music's production centre in Hanover where it was edited and mastered before being sent on to net-based music stores. Proceeds from the sale will go to Live 8."