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Il braccio bionico comandato dalla mente

BBC NEWS | Health | Bionic arm 'transformed my life': "Jesse Sullivan from Tennessee in the US is the world's first 'bionic man'. He lost both his arms after receiving an electric shock at work, and despaired that he would never live independently again.

But within weeks of the accident, scientists at the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago (RIC) had replaced the 58-year-old electrician's left arm. He was given a special 'bionic' arm - a mechanical device directed by his own brain.

Now he can feed himself, shave, put on his own socks and glasses, weed and mow his garden. He can even make the small movements required for tricky actions such as opening jars. And he can throw and catch a ball with his 10 grandchildren.

The four major nerves, which used to go down Jesse's arms, were dissected from his shoulder and transferred on to his chest muscles. The nerves grew into the muscles, which then allowed him to direct his senses through his own brain impulses.

...scientists are hoping to add special sensors to his hands to allow him to feel how hard he is squeezing something."