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Tablet PC, zio Bill “risolve” i loro bachi di memoria: spegneteli e riaccendeteli

Gates talks, but can't walk, his Tablet PC pledge | The Register: "On January 28, we reported that Microsoft finally acknowledged a bug in the default digitizer that ships with Windows XP Tablet Edition. The bug is pretty serious. It eats up the PC's memory forcing the user to reboot, or use a third-party digitizer, and had been plaguing users since the spring. In a follow-up to our piece, Microsoft's ISV manager Frank Gocinski told Microsoft Monitor's Mary Jo Foley that Redmond would ship a fix.

No service packs were slated, so Microsoft might just post the bug fix, as soon as it was ready, he said.

Alas, it was an empty gesture. There are no plans to fix the bug, or provide users with a fix, we hear.

For now, users are directed to this sage advice from Microsoft PR guy Robert Scoble:-

'I shut down my Tablet PC most evenings and start it up from a fresh boot,' he advised, on hearing of the taptip.exe bug. 'Why do I do that? Because I’ve been using computers for 20 years and have learned that’s the best way to work.'"