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Boom di vendite di CD dopo il Live 8

CD sales rocket after Live 8: "...most remarkable of all was the phenomenal increase in album sales of the acts that appeared – apart from basket case Pete Docherty, whose old band actually saw sales drop. UK music retailer HMV reports that newly-reunited Pink Floyd's 'Best of' album was flying off the shelves with sales up an astonishing 1,343% and veteran rockers The Who, or at least the half still living, were rewarded with a more modest leap in sales of 863%.

...For years, the RIAA has claimed that illegal downloads and file sharing is killing music. Those claims look pretty damned stupid in the face of a 1,300% increase in legitimate album sales.

What Live 8 proved beyond doubt is that if you write good songs and can actually play instruments rather than simply sampling a George Clinton bass line and droning on about hoes and other garden implements, people will slap their foreheads in amazement, exclaim 'bugger me, that's really good,' and nip down the shops to buy the album. We await the RIAA's take on the matter with eager anticipation."

E questo nonostante la musica di Live 8 sia interamente disponibile gratis su Internet. Ma non si era detto che la distribuzione online uccide la musica?