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Attenti al nuovo disco di Alan Parsons

Alan Parsons, che delusione

Sono un fan di Alan Parsons da anni. Ho tutti i suoi dischi, sia in vinile, sia in CD. Oggi mi è crollato un mito.
Ho appena comperato da Amazon.com il suo ultimo album, A Valid Path. Che schifezza! Di solito non faccio recensioni musicali, ma quando è troppo è troppo. Se siete seguaci di Parsons, state alla larga da questo disco. Non compratelo, non scaricatelo, non fatevelo prestare per l'ascolto. È inascoltabile: una miscela pseudorandom di versi, compresi balbettii di bambini e latrati di cani, condita con sottofondi techno-acid-fetenti. Che delusione.

Ho anche scritto una recensione senza peli sulla lingua e l'ho spedita ad Amazon da pubblicare nella pagina dedicata a questo album. Eccola qua.

I've just bought this album, and the only reason I'm not asking for my money back is because I am too much of a Parsons fan. I'm extremely disappointed. This is not the Alan Parsons we all know and treasure.

The album contains just nine tracks, two of which are rehashes of previous classics. All tragically techno-trendy-pop. As a 20-year fan of AP, I am very sorry to admit that while listening to the CD I found myself agreeing with the words of John Cleese dubbed over the last track: "How much longer is this going on?". It's so bad I was happy to hear the end of it.

Unless you like random baby noises and barking dogs and electronified remakes of what were already *perfect* tracks (Mammagamma, A Dream Within a Dream), don't buy this album. If you revere AP as much as I do, don't even ask to listen to a friend's copy. You'll be as stunned as you were after seeing the final episode of The Prisoner, and for the very same reasons (if you saw it, you know exactly what I mean).

I'm very sorry to have to write this review, but I think Parsons fans need to be warned. Seeing an iconic figure fall like this is really sad.

Please, Alan, if you read this, go back to your roots. Update them, but don't deny them. The Time Machine was brilliant: electronic, up-to-date, but with the distinct Parsons flavor. This is just random sound without justification. Anyone can make "music" like this.

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